Yes,you can Access a Windows Desktop from Your Smart Phone or Tablet. IPads and android tablets or Smartphone can’t run windows app locally, but with this you can remote your windows desktop, even with a physical keyboard. Many apps has been developed and launched like Microsoft remote desktop appTeam Viewer for Remote Control, among which Microsoft app is mostly used for professional use while the other app can also be used for personal uses.
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This app has reduced the work load from one’s head of staying in the home and working all the day and cancelling the vacations and many more just because of the work info is available in your PC. With Microsoft remote desktop app, you can connect to your work resources and remote PC from anywhere you feel like working. This app is mostly used for business and professional use rather than the personal use.
Features of this app :
  • Access your desktop with your phones easily.
  • Rich multi-touch experience with remote desktop protocol (RDP).
  • It has an outstanding feature or technology, namely Network Layer Authentication which secure connection to your data and applications.
  • High quality video and sound streaming.
Review for this app :This app is friendly for the business related persons or for the professional use but not so friendly for the personal use.


This app is friendly for the personal use too no matter wherever you are, rather than controlling your own computer you can also remotely troubleshoot your relatives PC.
Features : 
  • Access to computers (windows, Mac, Linux) is possible also during a telephone call.
  • Transfer the files from your PC to phone or from phone to PC.
  • Automatic quality adjustment.
  • Remotely reboot the computer.
  • Team Viewer free is for private use only e.g. to access or solve your or your friends computer problems.
All you have to do is Download an Install Team viewer on Your Desktop and Mobile, after installing on your smartphone you will have to login with the details that team viewer window displays.

Other Options: Other than these two apps you surely have other options too if you are not friendly with both of them.
Splashtop: This is another popular remote desktop app that people reportedly has said that it is faster. But unfortunately this is not a free app as it may cost you around $20 at regular price. And to use it over internet you need to buy an additional “Anywhere access pack”. This app can be used or purchased if you don’t mind spending money or if you need a faster app to complete your work fast.

Conclusion: With the development of these apps both personal and professional works are carried out easily and in a better manner with easy access.

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