Hikmat ki Batain,By Abu Yaha Book of Quotes in Urdu PDF

Hikmat ki Batain, Book of Quotes in Urdu

 حکمت کی باتیں

مصنف: ابو یحییٰ

Free Download Aqwal e Zareen Book in Urdu

Hikmat ki Batain, a book of Islamic Urdu quotes For free download PDF written by Abu Yahya, The collection of quotes (Aqwal e Zareen) in the Urdu language, Saying of Abu Yahya and Famous persons of the world, phrase or short piece of writing taken from longer work of books, literature and Magazine. Hikmat ki batian is very interesting and knowledgeable source book. A gift for readers, total 63 pages of this Aqwal Urdu Kitab and 729kb size of PDF file.

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