5 Easy And Effective Ways To Promote Blogger Post.

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You have unaware of the many easy methods you can easily access your blog's newest old post with your visitor. You know that all your posted visitors are posting views. But we know that most visitors do not see old posts that you have read. In today's post, I will try to show you how to increase your targeted visitor by encouraging your bloggers with newer posts and new posts. 

Before that let's briefly know, why the blogger's old posts to be promoted? What is the advantage?

Remember, you post less than 5 to 6 on your blog each day (may be more or less). Maybe you have shared this post once or twice in social media and 3 to 4 times you've seen yourself. Now leave after one week. Today six weeks of posting a week later but these 6 posts have fallen under 40 posts. 

Think now that all your registered visitors have seen your posts? Does it have time in his hand that after going to 40 posts he needed to see 6 posts? Maybe thinking that my posts can be searched by search engines? Hey brother, your blog is on the top of the search engine, someone will search your blog? And there is no word on Bengali blog. There is trouble, Ray brother, there is trouble. Not so easy.

To maintain average traffic, your old posts need to be promoted again. For this reason, we will see 5 quality, effective and simple method of promoting the blogger post without any trouble. So let's get started.

Popular Posts

The visibility of visitors to popular posts is much more than that. Show a few number of popular posts on your blog. In this case 5 - 10 post best. Many blogs have popular post widgets, this is a common issue. But there are not many blogs. If you do not have any popular Posts widget widget, add it now. There are good visitors from here. The side bar is the best place to show popular posts. 


5 simple and qualitative methods to promote the blogger post

Related Posts 

Yes, this is also a common issue. Even though I have to write in the usual order. You will be seen in many popular blogs that they are just below the post using the relaxed post widget. According to my knowledge, all Blogger templates have this related post widget. So there is no need to write about it. But its job is to show the old posts related to the current post. Visitors can see the rest of the post related to the post that is being viewed by it.

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Re-Share In Social Media:

Share old posts of your blog again to social media. Social shares will be one of the most common means to bring your posts to the visitors' attention. Keep a day in the week just for monitoring the blog. Seeing that day, share your old posts in social media like your facebook page, facebook group, google plus profile, google plus community etc. These social shares can create a new discussion in your old post. 

5 simple and qualitative methods to promote the blogger post


The issue is very important for SEO. Let's say it easy. It is interlinking to share another link link in a post. See above I've added several interlinks. In this way you will add links to old posts in each of your new posts. In this case, you have to be careful. You need to add an interlink in such a way that the visitors are not confused. Now you interlink one and the other one inside the link. It will lose the visitor even if your rank is low in search engines. In this case, follow my inter links and see how interlinking is done.

5 simple and qualitative methods to promote the blogger post

Blog Search

It is an important part. Hey, all blogs contain search boxes. But on many blogs, I found the search box is right, but it took 20-25 seconds to find where it was. One thing to remember is that the visitor's time is worth. If they are a little bit closer they will not want to spend too much time. 

Put your search box on your blog in front of your eyes. Give it a little bigger if needed. As the visitors are in sight. Use Google Custom Search Box if needed. This will help you find old post. 

5 simple and qualitative methods to promote the blogger post

Hope the post will help you a lot. Do not forget to share if the post comes to your advantage. Apart from this, you can comment on this post. Thank you all for staying with us.

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