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Badshah Ka Haath Kaat DoFree download or read online "Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do" and read lesson-able and moral Islamic stories in Urdu language. "Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do" is the title name of this Urdu book which means Cut the hand of the King. Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do is authored by Mohammad Tahir Naqash who is an Islamic author and has written many Urdu books and novels for the Muslim children. Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do is the collection of the true moral stories from history of Islam in plain Urdu language. 

Sultan Murad was a Muslim King of Turkistan and the ruler of Muslim world. He was fond of making buildings. Once he wanted to make a beautiful mosque for which he had appointed an engineer to make his desirable mosque. The engineer worked hard and made a beautiful mosque but the King Sultan Murad did not like the building of the mosque and became angry on the Muslim Engineer and ordered to cut one hand of the Engineer. The executioner cut one hand of Engineer in fulfilling the compliance of the King Sultan Murad. The Engineer proceeded to the court of Muslim Qazi (Judge) and filed a petition against the King Sultan Murad. Sultan Murad was summoned, he appeared before the Qazi and after hearing from the both side, the Muslim Qazi ordered to cut one hand of the King. Sultan Murad had forwarded his hand to be cut but the Engineer had forgiven the king. Later on the King Sultan Murad had given a lot of money to the Engineer. This is a glimpse of earlier Muslims, their government and judicial system. Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do has not only this story. Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do Urdu book has similar other short Urdu stories for the Muslim children. 

Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do by Mohammad Tahir Naqash is available here in Pdf format. You can free download and read online this Urdu book from the table below the following sample pages.

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contents of Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do

contents of Badshah Ka Hath Kaat Do

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