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Kala Chand
Free download or read online "Kala Chand" and read a distinguished Urdu travelogue written by Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman. "Kala Chand" is the latest travelogue/Safarnama of Rizwan Ali Ghuman. Kala Chand is the third part of the whole journey of Rizwan Ali Ghuman to Europe through Iran. His first Urdu travelogue was Doosra Khuda (The 2nd God), 2nd was Muhajir (Refugee) and the third one is Kala Chand. As a whole, this story is based on the illegal journey by road to the European countries for jobs. However, the writer Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has also involved his girlfriend. He actually wanted to go to the United States as he has promised his beloved. 

In Kala Chand, the author Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has narrated the stories of himself as well as other Pakistanis who were illegally going to Europe. This is a romantic but a sad Urdu Safarnama in which Rizwan Ali Ghuman has narrated the sad stories of Pakistanis who died in the cold sea of Greece. In Kala Chand Urdu book, Rizwan Ali also narrates how he crossed the higher mountains of Turkey. This true story of Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman is strongly recommended to those Pakistanis who are willing to go illegally to the European countries. 

Kala Chaand by Rizwan Ali Ghuman is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu Safarnama "Kala Chand" By Rizwan Ali Ghuman

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Preface of Kala Chand Novel

Preface of Kala Chand by Rizwan Ali Ghuman

Sample page of Kala Chand Romantic Urdu Travelogue
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